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Powertech Parallel Twin Screw WPC Pelletizing Line

April 3,2015,3:43:51

The plastic pelletizing line is one kind of important plastic production line . All plastic and WPC granules raw material come from the pelletizing line . Maybe we all know that conical twin screw pelletizing line and single screw pelletizing line . But the following that I want to say is the parallel twin screw pelletizing line .

In the past few days , under all technicians efforts , Powertech has successfully designed and developed the new type parallel twin screw pelletizing line for WPC extrusion line. The production line is following :

This seriese parallel twin screw pelletizing line adopts the parallel twin screw extruder , this type extruder is special equipment and suitable for every kind of PVC powder . The screw adopts oil cooling system , barrel adopts speical air cooling system .The control system adopts computer control . Baseed on the different formula to equipe the best proper screw structure in order to make the material get to the best plasticization state .

The parallel twin screw extruder has the features of small shear force , specially suitable for WPC granule extrusion , the output is larger than single screw extruder and conical twin screw extruder .

Although Powertech has got certain breakthrough , But Powertech will never be proud , we will do our best to develope more efficiency and useful production line . Welcome you come to visit our company .