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WPC foam board production line

PE/WPC furniture board production line

PE WPC furniture board production line,WPC hollow board extrusion line
Product Detail

This PE,WPC board extrusion machine uses the special designed screw and barrel, die and extrusion process to produce plastic and wood plastic hollow/solid board, sheet , which widely used for making furniture. The series of products are: One step thick plastic and wood plate extrusion machine, one step plastic and wood profile extrusion machine, one step plastic and wood decoration plate extrusion machine, plastic and wood pelletizing machine and different kinds of plastic and wood dies.

Features and parameters of PE/WPC furniture board production line:

1, Conical double screw extruder SJSZ-80/156

a) Output: 300-400kg/h
b) Transmission system:
High torque output vertical reducer gear box
Structure: vertical
Provided with outside-circulation cooling system
Imported thrust bearing and high-torque output
Material of Gear: 20CrMnTi,with gear grinding technical treatment and cementite

2, Extruder Mould

a) Structure: special design for PVC WPC board
b) Width of die: 1400mm
c)Thickness: 12-20mm
d) Material: 5CrNiMo, high quality alloy

3,Vacuum calibrating and forming table

Max. calibrating width: 1450mm
Calibrating table length:2000mm
Vacuum pump power:5.5kw*2 units
Max. exhausting volume:80m3/min
Water pump power:4kw
4, ZS-1450 Cooling bracket
a) Total length of roller bracket 5000mm
b) Cooling Roller
Diameter: Ø63mm
Length: 1320mm

5, Haul-off unit

Max. pulling width:1450mm
Max pulling thickness:20mm
Pair roller qty: 7 pairs
Driven motor power:5.5kw

6, Transverse cutting bracket

Rack type synchronize pressing unit
Special design flat cutting motor: 2.2kW
With non-pole cylinder left and right moving system