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SJSZ65/132 twin screw WPC/PVC profile production line

April 3,2015,3:54:31

There is a good news that I want to share with everybody , that is the SJSZ65/132 WPC/PVC profile production line made by Powertech has been shipment on 25th Mar ,2015 .

Part machine picture as following :

This production line is one set typical complete profile production line . In fact this shipment includes the mixing machine . The mixing machine is used to mix the plastic and other agents , only every agent mixes well , then we can make the next step .

This production line adopts the SJSZ65/132 twin screw extruder . This is the most significant features of this production line . The SJSZ65/132 extruder is made up of the conical twin screw 65/132 . This type extruder has high production efficiency and good plasticization effect ,the most important is that this type extruder can exhaust part impurity . All in all, this type extruder improve the product quality through the above aspect .

This SJSZ65/132 profile line was made successfully once again ,This means that the processing technology of profile line made by Powertech is already very mature .

Powertech will not proud of this state , we will keep developing more useful and more beautiful appearance machine for our clients .