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WPC profile extrusion line

WPC door profile extrusion line

WPC door profile extrusion line,pvc wpc profiles machine
Product Detail

PVC WPC door profile extrusion line this WPC profile machine is mainly used to produce PVC,WPC profile, such as Ceiling, Deck, Floor, Cornice, Plank, Windows, Door frame and board and etc.

The door and windows profile is made of PVC powder. It is widely used as window and door profile, as well as decorative material. With modern technology and optimized design, it has the property of high output capacity, long life and plastic evently.
This PVC door/window board extrusion line uses PVC powder as material to produce various sorts of the mentioned plastic profiles as profiles for doors and windows, decorative profiles, etc. As the extrusion line is optimumly designed by referring to the latest overseas technology, it bears the features of even plasticization, low cutting rate, high output, and long lifespan, etc. And it composes conical double-screw extruder,  vacuum sizing platform, tractor, cutting and film coating machine and material stirring bracket,etc. The main machine is run by alternating current frequency controller or direct current controllable silicon. The temperature controlling instrument is introduced from abroad. In addition, the vacuum pump and traction engine of the auxiliary machines are quality products which can be maintained easily. If change certain screw and mould, this profiles extrusion line can directly extrude foaming profiles, and the effect is much better than that of single-screw.
PVC Windows and Door Profiles Extrusion Line is designed for extrusion of PVC plastic door’s and window’s profiles and cross-section communication cable pipes, Aluminum-plastic composite profiles, etc. It has stable plastification, high output, low sheering force, long life service and other advantages. PVC profiles can be used in the building industry and home or office.

Main technical parameters

Max profile widthmm180240300
Auxiliary total powerkw18.727.533.1
Cooling water capacitym3/h577
Compressed air pressureMPa0.50.60.6